The Uprooted


2012 August update news:
The Uprooted – great honor to be Shortlisted for Final Selection – organized by Hong Kong Museum of Art, “Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2012「香港當代藝術獎 2012」


About Uproot

Choosing to leave home,

you wandered to the other side of the world,

with the desire to root.

Yet how does one learn to stop drifting?

The Uprooted, Lam Allison Yarli, 2011-12 , Detail, photo by Mac Tsang

Uproot Gravity

Uproot, the term of

‘remove (a person) from home or usual surroundings.

to Pull (a plant including its roots) out of the ground.’

If you interpret ‘Uproot’ as the same meaning of immigration, it simply creates an unspoken word –‘grounding’.  When anything off from ground, at the end it must be landed.  We named it – Gravity: ‘The force which attracts any objects of any mass towards any other object of any mass.’   This is why we uproot from our homeland – to explore another possible future, capable of anything to seek a better life.

The action of uprooting observes with wonder and detachment.  Ruining is always easier than rebuilding.  The affects of uprooting directly links to your generation, the need to face separation and lost.

The Uprooted, Lam Allison Yarli, 2011-12

A Plain White Paper Wishing To Be Full

The Immigration tide is full of question for me.  It was not the age I could understand, but once you’re big enough to figure things out, the truth has already eaten you.

From my self-experienced, I never thought to label myself from the huge group of immigration tide, because it happened earlier, my family already settled in US or Canada 10 years before 1997, I born in Canada at 1988.  Seeking the answers is full of difficulties and lies.  20 years my family decline to explain the tide happening to them, I kept begged for returning to where I’m from.  The chase of truth led myself closer to the history and family.

The Uprooted, Lam Allison Yarli, 2011-12 , Tiny Figure Detail, photo by Mac Tsang

Immigration Emotion

The immigration waves mostly forms within the changing of age, drawn into the theme of family, homeland, uncertainty, identity and memory.  The uproot result is not absolutely brutal but the process of grounding is surely affecting us.

Until the end

I would like to quote the Five Stages Of Grief  theory from Kübler-Ross 1969’s publish On Death and Dying as a reference to what I been through in the immigration.  The stages are: Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; Acceptance.  Sorting the stages is unearthly to explain our complexity of emotions.  But these are the stages of our healing process, no one could escape from the final stage – acceptance of death. Like Virginia Woolf in the film – The Hours (2002) said: To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face and to know it for what it is. At last to know it, to love it for what it is, and then to put it away.


Detailed documentary: Mini Documentary of The Uprooted.



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