What does a teen draw?

How does the work looks like when a teen is still exploring?  This post includes drawings studies when Y is 15-19 years old.  Some are literally personal stuff.  Flash back:


Yarli is fascinating for SUV cars and jeeps when she’s a teen and still : D
A5 size acrylic painting study, this is early period when she first touched acrylic, around 15 years old.

A5 watercolor painting – exploring painting materials. (Y-15)

A small piece of watercolor painting and collage when Yarli was 15.

A5 size watercolor painting, Y-15.

The B&W set from Yarli’s sketchbook when she was 16-17.

A3 size cardboard study of self portrait, mixed media. Done around 17.

A study using of marker as material. Around 18 years old.

A study set using of marker as material. Around 18 years old.

This is a study using of marker as material. Around 18 years old.

A skeleton and pastel study, done around 19.

A poster designed for new born ‘stars’ using collages. Around 18.

Study of poster color and developed this style of illustration randomly (literally it just popped on the paper…) Even though tried to apply the same style (white and quiet?) on painting but can’t be done. Maybe depends on mood and stage? Done around 19.


Pasts are pasts some drawings you can only find in your teenage.  Even it looks nasty it represents YOU.  Treasure it.

This is what I always tell the parents who brought kids to learn art but most of them don’t admire what kids do and  just throw away their works because of ‘no space at home’.  Painting’s like photograph just happen once, even you tried so hard to copy it, it just captures that moment.



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