3D virtual fun

Yarli is not a professional virtual 3D creator, but it was so much fun to create the scenes.  She learned 3D modeling since 2008 when she was a student in commercial design.  The creating process reminds her passion in video games since childhood and finally she can control a crazy fantasy world and make fun videos that no one criticize.


This is a 25 sec video made for fun – Insecticide (Marry and desex version), 2009

Once upon a time…….in a dark, dark world……

a couple wanted to get married.

Yes, these are the beasts!  And they just happened to be a female and male…

Sorry I randomly took the design of the doll but she/he has an amazing outlook!

Blah Blah Blah…

An insecticide bottle flied downwards from top and landed on the doll…..


The giant black shadow is falling down, falling down, falling down, giant black shadow is falling down…..Da dadada.


and cockroaches family died…..They didn’t even had a chance to get married and have babies.

LOL….ok these are just for fun besides serious art works!  Enjoy!



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